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About Work & Care 

Work & Care is a Caregivers Alberta program that creates awareness of the needs and challenges facing caregiving employees and provides employers with resources to support caregivers in their workforce. We offer resources and training, including:


  • Programs and presentations for staff and management

  • Information and resources for supervisors, HR professionals, employee wellness groups, and others

  • Up-to-date materials on best practices

  • Customizable options for your organization


Work & Care was made possible with funding from Status of Women Canada.


You can learn more about the research behind this project here.


About Caregivers Alberta


Caregivers Alberta is a not-for-profit organization that aims to empower caregivers and promote their well-being. We believe that caregiving is too big an issue for one organization. As a result, we partner with non-profits, governments and businesses to share knowledge, programs and materials to build our province’s capacity to support its caregivers. We are Alberta's only caregiver specific organization. 


Since our beginnings, we have worked hard to maintain the grassroots of the organization, ensuring that we are always grounded in the experience of caregivers. While we have considerable support from professionals, researchers, and other interested people, our focus on the caregiver is maintained by ensuring that caregivers remain heavily involved in every aspect of our work. 

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