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Deloitte Follow-Up: Employee Benefits & Paid Leave for Caregivers

The news that Deloitte is offering 16 weeks paid Caregiving leave to employees is generating a lot of questions in corporate spheres. It is becoming more and more clear that while high salaries play a part in attracting talent, benefit packages also make a big difference.

"A recent LinkedIn study showed that to most employees (and Millennials in particular), benefit packages are a major consideration. In fact, benefit packages were important to:

- 64% of Millennials

- 54% of Gen X’ers

- 51% of Baby Boomers"

(K. Fowler, Senior Living Blog)

Deloitte joins the likes of Nike, who also offered paid leave to employees earlier this year. It seems these big corporations are tuning into the current job market. By offering enhanced caregiver packages, they are not only making themselves more appealing but also providing better opportunities for the employees to balance caregiving and time in the workplace.

Read more here.

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