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We are here to help!

Caregiving is an increasingly pressing issue for employers due to demographic and societal changes, an aging population and changing workplace composition. We are here to help you and your employees! 

Employee Presentations

Only have a short time to spare? We can join your staff for a brief presentation on key issues experienced by employed caregivers in the workforce and resources available. We also offer caregiver information sessions on a variety of topics of interest to caregivers. Presentations can be arranged in the workplace during lunch time and staff meetings or after work hours.

Training for Managers & HR Staff

Would you like your managers and HR team to know more about how they can respond to caregiving employees? We can provide an overview of caregiving in Alberta, common challenges, how you can support caregiving employees, and resources available to you and your employees. 

Consultations & Referrals

Not sure where to refer your caregiving employees? We are happy to assist you in finding the best resources for your employees. Review our common referrals or contact us today!

COMPASS Program for Employees

The 8 module COMPASS workshop encourages caregivers to balance competing demands that arise when working and caregiving. The program helps reduce caregivers stress, and can be delivered to groups of six to eight employees in the workplace. 

Employer Tip Sheet

Looking for guidance on how to respond when an employee discloses their caregiver status? Our tip sheet offers suggestions to make the conversation easier. 

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